She always said what she thought and did not obey social conventions in her relations, nor in fashion.

She always said what she thought and did not obey social conventions in her relations, nor in fashion.

Meet Coco Chanel.

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel revolutionised women’s fashion of the nineteenth century. Her style was entirely different from contemporaneous canons of fashion with corsets, extravagant lace, feathers and omnipresent ornate hats. She was not only a phenomenal designer, but also a remarkable woman. She strived for freedom and independence and was hugely purposeful. Chanel was an individualist through and through.

More loose!

Coco Chanel’s style was characterized by minimalism, simplicity, modesty and elegance. She often used men’s clothes and adapted them to her needs. While other women wore long skirts, frills, lace and corsets she preferred trousers. She was not the first to bring trousers to the women’s fashion, but definitely it was her, who make them popular. Much to the surprise of the society of her time, she also made short skirts and jackets common. Chanel, one of the most famous clothes designers used to say that ‘A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion.’ and let women leave uncomfortable corsets, slips that rolled up, ornate hats and heavy jewelry. Instead, she introduced precious pearls, shorter skirts and made our waists loose. Coco Chanel is one of the biggest inspiration to the Amelie et Sophie designers. We create in line with Chanel’s thought and make clothes not only beautiful, but most of all comfortable so that the children can fully enjoy their childhood.

Black & white

Coco gave a new-look to the black colour, which was associated to mourning, grief and uniforms. She claimed black is classic and unusually elegant. Chanel also thought it suits every occasion and so she designed both daily, informal dresses and evening gowns in black. La petite robe noir or a little black dress deserves special attention. Chanel invented this timeless dress 90 years ago and it is indispensable for women of all ages around the world. Coco also designed white shoes with black cap toe. Like most of her designs they were very practical as black parts did not get dirty or worn-out easily unlike fashionable at that time patent leather shoes.

Fabric softness

Coco Chanel liberated women not only from uncomfortable, tight fitting clothes, but also from inflexible and stiff materials. Despite the war and difficult times, she could get fabrics that were lightweight and comfortable and entered the canons of fashion. She mostly made jersey clothes which at that time was produced from thin wool fibres. Before, jersey had been associated with poverty and had mainly been used for underwear production. In her projects she often used cotton, satin and tulle, which were woven with natural silk. Chanel could perfectly combine the character of the fabric with simplicity of design and with ideally fitted jewelry.

Coco made women free from inflexible and stiff forms and we make children free of them. Our designers follow this great fashion designer and focus not only on the form, but primarily on precious and convenient materials. While designing our collections we select only natural materials such as cashmere and silk which allow children to feel comfortable and look beautiful all day – either on the playground or at elegant dinner at Grandma’s.

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