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'Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.' These are the words of Rachel Zoe, designer and stylist, which perfectly define what the style actually is. Our image is the oldest and the most universal language. It defines and describes us. First impressions build a mental image that subconsciously stays with you so it is important to create a good impression whenever you meet someone for the first time.
Amelie et Sophie knows that and takes it into consideration while designing our clothing lines. Here, we would like to share some tips with you.

How to help our child to discover its own fashion style then?

The mechanism of first impression and tagging people we see for the first time is not rude but deeply rooted in our nature. This is how our mind functions – we automatically label a newly met person. By doing so, our mind selects and organizes information. To avoid harmful and untrue opinions in their future we should help our child to discover and define their own style.

Teaching your kids how to dress themselves is one thing but teaching them how to do it with style is a whole different matter. Developing their own personal style ultimately leads to self-confidence and independence. And isn't it something that we would like to see the most in them???

Do not impose!

Remember to link your child’s style with their character and personality. Our opinions and taste should not be ever imposed. Always have in mind that it is difficult for a child to distinguish the critique: if it's a criticism of a shirt they chose or it's a criticism of them as a person. Make your child aware but enhance their self-confidence and let them decide finally! If you notice that your child is not comfortable with this particular outfit do not offer it again. Our role is to be helpful  but also an  observant and understanding advisor.

Have respect for clothes!

We need to teach our kids how to respect their clothes. Most children love the 'floordrobe' :)) We can play a game of folding, hanging and putting the clothes back on shelves. Play the music, dance, sing at the same time... We can reward the kids afterwards, or set the final goals... It's a game at the beginning but they will be thankful later when they become teenagers.

Rubia Skirt - Amelie et Sophie
Rubia Skirt - Amelie et Sophie
Rubia Skirt - Amelie et Sophie
Rubia Skirt - Amelie et Sophie
Rubia Skirt - Amelie et Sophie
Rubia Skirt - Amelie et Sophie
Rubia Skirt - Amelie et Sophie
Rubia Skirt - Amelie et Sophie
Rubia Skirt - Amelie et Sophie

Let's teach our kids good hygiene. It's obvious that children and their clothes get dirty. Let's make sure  your children understand the effort and time that goes into cleaning their clothes. You can ask them to help you empty the laundry basket, divide clothes into piles according to the colour... It will help them to see the that clothing doesn’t just magically get clean by itself.

Plan your child’s wardrobe wisely

Make a review of your child’s wardrobe by starting to ask yourself the following questions:
• Which clothes my child wears most often?
• Which clothes are made from good quality and natural materials?
• Which pieces have timeless cut?
• Which clothes my child really likes wearing and which of them have not been used for months or even years?
• Which clothes my child has never wore?
First you should give away all worn clothes, also remove those that are too small as well as the ones your child simply doesn't like. Chose the things that will be easy to match with other clothes. This is in line with the slow fashion trend according to which it is better to have less good-quality clothes than plenty poor-quality garments made from non-natural fabrics. Keep only high-quality items with timeless cuts and made from natural fibre. Even if your child outgrows such clothes, they will still be good enough to serve the next kids in the family or to be donated to charity.

Nenuphar Taupe Tulle DressViolet Taupe Tulle Dress

Dressing up doesn't have to be reserved only for parties. The fanciest piece is likely to be the garment our kids love and adore wearing. So let them jump in muddy puddles or paint in their fanciest dress. At the end of the day everything is washable, worst case replaceable, and they grow out of clothes so quickly, let them enjoy wearing them.

Material science for the youngest

Next step is to make a shopping list with the garments you wish to be hang in your child's wardrobe.  The list should contain clothes that complement particular sets or fill some closet shortages. While shopping try to be open to all of your child’s suggestions – listen to them and get to know what do they like (or don't like). Our task is to help and to advise a child what to choose and how to match the garments together. One of the most important criterion is obviously the fabric from which clothes are made. It is also worth to teach children to read the labels. The same way we teach a child to eat healthy unprocessed foods, we should make them aware about the importance of natural fibres that our clothes should be made of. Shopping can be a really interesting lesson on natural fibres – we can tell our child about fabric names, their origin and characteristics. 

Play with colours

What I love about children's fashion are the hundreds possibilities of colour and print matching. We can encourage kids to play with colours. 

“One of the tricks I always use to help my kids learn about fashion is using a colour wheel. It’s just like the one they have in elementary school,” says Dubai-based fashion consultant, stylist, and mum Marianna Azhari. “The wheel is the entire rainbow in a circle. Let the kids choose their favourite colours and find them in their wardrobe, then wear it and be totally creative. You can even play opposites with it, teaching them that just because they're on different sides of the chart doesn't mean that they don't go together in an ensemble.”

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