This year Twiggy has her 68th birthday. What does the style icon do today?

This year Twiggy has her 68th birthday. What does the style icon do today?


In 1966 people got absolutely crazy about young Lesley Hornby, widely known as Twiggy. Her nickname comes from a word ‘twig’, which suited perfectly her petite and boyish figure. She entered the world with her silhouette, childish face with big, bright eyes and characteristic, short hairstyle. Lesley revolutionised the world of fashion and, after the era of sex appeal and feminine Marylin Monroe or Brigitte Bardot figure, the time of girlish charm set in.


Before Twiggy, young girls used make up and wore clothes that made them look older. The so-called ‘young adults’ fashion was not trendy back then. In shopping malls there were only elegant clothes for adults available, so Twiggy couldn’t buy clothes suitable for her posture hence she sewed them herself. She wore characteristic, A-shaped skirts and dresses. She liked juicy colours, straight cuts and wore clothes with round collars. She became a role model for the teenagers. Thanks to her the times of British elites imposing rigid dress code had gone irretrievably. Twiggy brought freshness, simplicity and freedom to the fashion.


Her characteristic big eyes, short hair, innocent face and petite figure intrigued a British fashion journalist and in 1966 the Daily Express named her ‘Face of the year 1966’. Later her career had blistering pace. What is interesting, Twiggy was not only a model; she also stared in several movies and TV series. For her first roles in ‘The Boy Friend’ musical she got two Gold Globes. She was also successful performing in the theater, including Broadway. Twiggy was only seventeen when her first collection of dresses appeared, however success never went to her head and she remained the same – humble, natural and with a good sense of humor. The world loved her for it.


Today Twiggy is 68 and released her music album few years ago. She is a clothes designer working for global brands and she also has her own line of perfumes. She still usually wears male shirts, jackets and trousers. Twiggy was also a judge on „America’s next Top Model”. She hasn’t changed despite the march of time and her great career. She still talks with modesty and wonder about young people crowding her when she landed in New York half a century ago. Twiggy claims that fashion doesn’t mind age. Her collections are universal and versatile and she invites young girls as well as their grandmothers to wear her clothes. Lesley is not only the first supermodel, but also an incredible woman, who has never changed despite the fame and money as opposed to many other famous and successful people.


It was Twiggy, among others, who inspired Gosia Plutecka, Amelie et Sophie designer: ‘The style icons of 50s’ and 60s’were the inspiration for Amelie et Sophie. All of our clothes are handmade and only of noble materials – silk, cashmere and wool. The brand steps out with the combination of style and comfort. Our clothes do not constrain movement because each model was tested by Amelie and Sophie while playing together. We wanted to create the first brand combining the world of fashion with the comfort of a child.’

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