Interview with Gosia Plutecka, the owner and designer of Amelie et Sophie

Interview with Gosia Plutecka, the owner and designer of Amelie et Sophie

Amelie et Sophie is the brand created for demanding clients. Collections are designed for girls aged 3 to 12. Clothes are limited and handmade with large care for details. Noble, only natural fabrics such as silk, cashmere, wool are precisely selected and imported from Italy, Germany, Great Britain. We discuss the development of the brand, the process of creation and art with Gosia Plutecka.

– Gosia, what was the beginning of your adventure with designing?

Art was present in my life since early childhood in many forms. My family has always created various things. My mother and grandmother sewed, embroidered, did knitting which I also can and like doing! Embroidering is relaxing and makes me calm. We have plenty images decorating our house. I love to embroid figures of children, beautiful women, and portraits. I also fulfill myself as an architect. I create interiors, renovate old, prewar houses, build modern houses in the Dutch style. I grew up in Los Angeles, studied in New York and Switzerland, I also lived and worked in Paris. Throughout my childhood, I traveled around the world with my family. I think that all of the places and cultures I observed as a child influenced my creativity and this constantly growing need to create that I have. Today I put all my energy into designing for Amelie et Sophie. It gives me tremendous satisfaction and joy. I try to combine my passions with my family life. I bring up three, active children aged 17, 14 and 9 – two boys and a daughter Sophie. It’s not always easy, but therefore I understand well and can relate to most of my clients. They are also moms who want to take care of their most precious and greatest treasures – their children.

– How did you come up with an idea of Amelie et Sophie?

I have always pay attention to what I buy, especially as a mother of three. I am one of those who checks the labels for the components before the final buying decision. I have always been crazy about natural fabrics (laugh) and always opposed buying low-quality clothes for children just because they grow up quickly. We don’t think that we spend all our lives in clothes that touch the skin. Not many of us know that fabrics made from petrol and its derivatives permeate our bodies and research prove that. I can see, however, that when it comes to food, we pay attention to labels and choose natural products. I am glad that our awareness is increasing. With Amelie et Sophie I wanted to create beautiful and classic clothes with the soft touch. I just love when kids are beautifully dressed! I would love them not only to look beautiful but also to feel comfortable in great clothes. I believe that it is better to have fewer high-quality clothes of than plenty made of polyester, acrylic or other unnatural fabrics. Financially it is the same, contrary to what is seems.


– Your clothes are hand-made, limited and made of high quality, natural fibers. There are not many such brands. How do you assess the situation on the market?

There aren’t many brands that make high-quality clothes for children. Usually, clothes are made poorly and often they are made of unnatural materials. It is of the highest importance to us to combine all the values in which we believe. We make our products from the best materials. Every stitch is completed with the exceptional attention. We design and create not only beautiful but most of all comfortable clothes. Our girls play in the garden, wear them at family parties. Classic cuts are suitable both, for everyday and special occasions.


– What does well-designed garment mean to you?

The construction is important. Apart from being beautiful, children kids clothes must be uncompromisingly comfortable. Sometimes I sew particular model several times until the final effect satisfies me. Then, every model undergoes the testing phase most often in the garden, playground, at school or on a tree (laugh). The final product must be simply comfortable. All of our clothes have trimmed or French seams (reversed). Sewing takes much more time, but it guarantees that the garment is perfect and the skin of the youngest clients will not be irritated. Even our buttons are imported from specially picked from German and Italian producers to fit match perfectly with our pieces.

– What is the process of selection of the fabrics?

I import fabrics only from Europe, directly from Italy, France, and Great Britain. The biggest European manufacturers produce them: Loro Piana, Lanificio Colombo. I check each fabric, touch it verify if it is natural and of the highest quality. In architecture and clothes design I like my favourite colours such as beige, white, écru, brown and greige which is a combination of beige and grey. I have always chosen timeless colours – calm, classic and elegant… Amelie et Sophie spring collection will also have the beautiful shade of mustard, teal and raspberry colours.

 – Where do you take your inspiration from?

I adore the classics, the 50s, 60s, presenting very feminine, comfortable, beautiful and classy clothes. I favour elegant dresses, classic coats, simple cuts of the dresses, which are clearly visible in my designs. I sometimes joke that I should have lived in a different time (laugh). I idolise such designers and brands like Max Mara, Vera Wang, Donna Karan, Ellie Saab, Chloe, Givenchy, Armani, Valentino, Lanvin, Oscar de la Renta, Rick Ownes, Zac Posen, The Row. I appreciate and adore them most of all for the structures, fabrics and colours.

-What is your plan for the brand development?

We are planning to take part in all prestigious trade fairs on children fashion: Pitti Immagine Bimbo in Florence, Playtime in Paris and NYC. We were accepted by applying just once, which is not easy on such prestigious events. We know that not only Italians love our clothes.

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