How to organize your wardrobe according to the principles of slow fashion?

How to organize your wardrobe according to the principles of slow fashion?

Slow fashion is an idea promoting aware shopping decisions made according to our needs and lifestyle. It opposes overconsumption and impulsive buying. The movement convinces it is worth buying sensibly as benefits are numerous: saved money and time, environment protection, the opportunity to discover your own style and finally, a clutter-free wardrobe.

Quality above all!

Neither adults nor children do really need to have lots of clothes. We buy a lot of things, but they are mainly of poor quality. It is definitely better to buy less but of good quality. Such clothes are less likely to get worn out and they do not lose their original shape after the first wash. We feel better in natural materials like cotton, wool or silk. Clothes made of them are resistant to stretch, they do not sensitise and are breathable. Therefore, we choose only carefully selected, natural materials that allow children to feel comfortable throughout the day. Each design goes through countless tests on the playground, at school or during outdoor activities by the two most reliable experts – Amelie and Sophie, in that our designers know that even the most beautiful dress will never become the favourite one if a child does not feel comfortable wearing it.

Economy everyway.

By shopping sensibly and choosing clothes that are timeless and made from natural materials we save time and money. One good-quality shirt is probably three-times more expensive than one of a poor quality but it certainly lasts longer. Synthetic fabrics get battered more easily and look unaesthetically shortly after buying it. Additionally, timeless stylings in which we always look elegant and classy can serve us several seasons. The idea of timelessness guides our designers while creating each collection.

The end of the mess.

Having less clothes, but of high quality has one more advantage – it helps to keep your wardrobe tidy. It is a good news for mothers of small fashionistas who love to choose their outfit sets by themselves. Every mother knows the firsts attempts of her child to choose their own stylizations. Having less clothes but universal and timeless will make it easier and faster to put them together and create nice sets. Moreover, it will surely ease morning fashion negotiations with a child.

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