A child’s first visit to the theatre – practical guides

A child’s first visit to the theatre – practical guides

A trip to the theater can be a wonderful way to inspire a child and stimulate their motivation and creativity. Being involved with culture and art from their very early age develops the sensitivity of a child. How to prepare our young spectators for their first play?


Culture plays a significant role in our life, it educates us, makes us grow and broadens our mind. Most parents know it, however through their inappropriate attitude, many of them, unknowingly force their children to go to the theater making it a chore. It is worth making it a great adventure instead, to make the proximity with a fascinating culture.

The story of a theater

When choosing a performance, we must remember it should be children-friendly in the first place. The first visit to the theater will be an important day for a child, so we should prepare them properly by explaining how they should behave. We should start this lesson with telling the story we have chosen in the most interesting way. The child should feel they participate in a special event, thanks to which they will become more interested in the theater and will feel important and appreciated – also through the attention they get from us. Let’s tell them about actors, costumes, music, about the whole setting. If it is possible, invite them to the theater’s dressing room. It will surely impress the young spectator.

Savoir-vivre at the theatre

Afterward, we should give our child some lessons of good manners. Tell them when they should applaud and that it is not acceptable to kick the seat in front of them. Explain them also that when they want to say something during the play, they should whisper.  The meaning of the bells ringing in the theater should also be explained to them. Single ring invites the spectators to the auditorium. Double ring means we should take our seats. And triple ring signals the beginning of a play. It is wise to mention the difference between the cinema and the theater – eating popcorn in the theater is forbidden. We should make our child aware that at the theater we should dress as it befits to show the respect to the actors and the other spectators.

Appropriate attire

The attire we choose for a child to wear at the theater should be elegant and subtle in the first place – advises Gosia Plutecka, the owner and designer of Amelie et Sophie. For a girl, the best solution would be simple clothes in soft colors. Both, us and our child, are obliged to wear evening outfit, but we have to remember that elegant should mean classy. I recommend high quality, natural fabrics. We should pay close attention to the accessories – they can revive each outfit. However we have to make sure that things are kept in moderation – she adds. Sequins, glitter, artificial gold and little diamonds applied should be avoided. Subtle, silver chain and earrings will be adequate. When choosing the remaining accessories such as scarfs, shawls or neckerchiefs pay attention to their patterns so that they tone in well with the stylisation. We should focus on color consistency and avoid strong, flashy colors. Mixing more than three colors may have the poor effect. We should also pay attention to the length of a skirt or dress – they cannot be too short. Ideally, they are knee-length or even slightly longer. The final, very important element of the whole outfit are the shoes. They should be polished and made from best quality leather.


All of these guidelines will make our child feel confident and wait impatiently for its first visit to the theater. It is worth doing your best to turn your child on to culture, especially in the era of omnipresent video games and the surrounding pop culture. Such lessons will surely be beneficial and most importantly – the whole family will have a perfect occasion to spend magnificent time together!

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