The Designer

Amelie et Sophie was launched by Margaret Plutecka, mother of 3.

She established a luxury brand that is completely dedicated to women's fashion; starting from baby girls from 0 to 2 years old, girls from 2 to 18 years old and finally creating classy, timeless, and elegant styles for ladies.

Attentive to detail, balance, form and aesthetics, Margaret develops the originality of Amelie et Sophie with an artistic approach.

"In a sense, I'm not a designer because I don't draw so much... I take a piece of fabric and start directly with pins and draping on the mannequin... It's a very instinctive approach... I never know what I will construct... I start with an idea in my head and often end up with a completely different style... Creation is not something that can be premeditated."

Having lived in Geneva, Paris, New York and Los Angeles Margaret has a strong vision of her luxury lifestyle brand. She studied at the most renowned schools such as HIM in Switzerland and Cornell University in NY, USA. She worked as an architect, creating beautiful houses and interiors that combined her European and American background.

Since its beginnings, Amelie et Sophie has been growing continually, while never losing its family business essence, always investigating and exploring new trends, designs and markets. Amelie et Sophie team takes part in the biggest trade shows, such as Pitti in Florence, Playtime in Paris, Tokyo and NYC, Children’s Club in NYC, Moscow as well as in Dubai Fashion Week. All of the Amelie et Sophie designs are created in-house by the design team lead by Margaret, the founder of the brand.